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About Us

Better Living By Design

Our team is passionate about working with you to design a space based on your taste, style, color scheme, and theme.


The details matter to us from concept to delivery and everything in between.

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Our Philosophy

Design shouldn’t be painful. It should be fun.

We want to counteract the design culture with a business approach that is inviting and genuinely helpful. It’s not all-or-nothing here. We want to work with you to provide a fresh eye on what you already have, bring your vision to life, or find your missing piece. Our team can bring options, discuss possibilities, and see your project through to completion in an environment that feels like you’re working with your own personal team––because really, you are.

We’re about comfort that can’t be manufactured. We have a collaborative design process, By working with our team, our goal is to equip and empower you to make design decisions which function and flow with your style that you truly love. Design which will stand the test of time.

Leaders in Our Industry,

for Our Community

Good design is our craft, our passion, and our pride. But we’re about more than just putting on a pretty face in the interior design realm. Beyond our trade, our team shares a wholehearted desire to see and do good. We invest time, energy, and resources into the health and development of our local community; supporting charitable organizations for education, animal rescue, disaster relief, and Veterans whenever we can.

It’s not for accolades, it’s just who we are.

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands: 

one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”

                                                                              –Audrey Hepburn

Our Team - Working for You

Our experienced team has what it takes to keep the guesswork out of your interior design. If you’re in the blueprint stage or have a newly constructed space to complete, we can compliment your plans with our detail-oriented design services.

So, Who Are We?

At Coastal Luxe Interiors, we are committed to helping you experience Better Living Better by Design. We are a team that places top value on operating with uncompromising integrity. We are planners and dreamers alike; attentive to detail and intuitive to up and coming trends. Our team is comprised of artists, philanthropists, motorcyclists, and animal lovers… to name a few! Like you, we celebrate personality, authenticity, and diversity.

“There are three responses to a piece of design—

  yes, no, and WOW!”

                                                                                   –M. Glaser

Let's Find Your WOW

We love to think outside the box, so you can be assured we’ll always give you options. You can adopt them or dismiss them. For us, it’s all about collaboration and communication. With scalable packages and a variety of à la carte services, we are confident we can offer you solutions for all your design needs.

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